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Time Crunch

Well, the beginning of the end’s coming.  I’m starting school next week – It’s going to be interesting, because it’s the first time I’ve gone to school in, like, four years.  It’s about time I did it, too.

The only thing is, Big Bro’s sitting there saying, “Hey, in order to get benefits X, Y, and Z, you have to study full time!”

Naturally, I sit back and say, “No problem.”

Well, turns out being a full time student is another way of saying “goodbye to most of your free time if you’ve already got a job”.  Starting Monday of next week I’ll be starting school at 8:00 in the morning and working right after I get out of school, and if I’m lucky I’ll get home at around 10:00 at night.  That’s pretty much a 14 hour shift!  Add eight hours of sleep (If I’m lucky) into that and I’m sitting on a pretty tight schedule.  Luckily,  I’ll be able to keep my job.  My managers aren’t the type of people who resent climbing the food chain, so they’re working with me.

So, time’s going to be a little bit more limited.  I’ll have to sit down and actually study (Since College probably won’t be as easy as High School), too, so even my free time’s not going to be that “free”.

Long story short: Less Video Game time, which amounts to me not feeling like writing in this fangdangled blog I’ve got here as much.  Hopefully I’ll be able to write at least one article every weekend, since I don’t want to let my fans down (Well, fan – He’s a cool guy, you should check out his blog some time).  In the least, I’ll be able to apply some of those new brain cells that the teachers will be injecting into my skull to practicing my writing skills, so the blog’s not something I’m giving up for good.  I’ll just have to devote less time to it than I normally do.  (So, like, five minutes a week instead of six or something.)

In any case, wish me luck.


Odd Dawn (The Starting Line)

Well, here it goes.  I finally started my own blog.  Took me long enough, eh?

So, a little about me.