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So, I jumped the bandwagon with a bunch of other blogs and did the BrainHex quiz.  It’s interesting how a few simple questions can come up with so much about you, and here’s what it came up with about me:

I’m a SocialiserSeeker.

Your BrainHex Class

You like hanging around with people you trust and helping people as well as finding strange and wonderful things or finding familiar things.

» No Fear: You do not enjoy feeling afraid, preferring to feel safe or in control.

And my Scores:

While the gist of it is right, I have to disagree with the whole survivor thing.  I enjoy survival games, and being frightened doesn’t bug me too much, but games that are designed around making me scared are out of the question.  I hate the feeling of being scared, but I have nothing against survival games in general.  The catch-22 is the fact that the survival games out there usually have the best plots for stories, and I enjoy myself a good story every once in a while.

I do enjoy teaming up when playing a game, though.  What’s interesting is that someone like Shamus, who started up the whole blog thing before I even considered it, doesn’t enjoy the social aspect in games as much as I do – To me, the social aspect is critical in a game, even if there are people who are being jerks.  I deal with the tools that come up and move on – Sometimes I even enjoy messing with the people who behave childishly.  Shamus seems to take such behavior with a “get off my lawn” approach – I bug the kids until they leave.

It’d be fun to see the numbers that these people are gathering.  I hope they publish them so we can see how much diversity there is in the gaming community.


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