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World of the Living Dead

I’ve recently started playing a browser based game called World of the Living Dead.  It’s a rough game, since it’s still in closed beta (So you have to request a key if you want to join), but I find it incredibly fun, but not just because it’s a game that’s set in modern LA and uses Google Earth to give you a playing field – It’s interesting because it raises some questions.  In my mind, at least.

In most zombie games you have enough ammunition to always use a gun, but WotLD limits you because it’s realistic – California is very strict on gun control, and now, in the game world, there are tons of zombies running around!  So the lack of guns becomes a problem, because people have to use shovels, baseball bats, and crowbars to hold off the swarm.

Eventually, though, food starts becoming scarce.  Some people may turn towards stealing and killing in order to keep their survivors fed and watered.  So, when the survivors use the guns on each other, does that mean that the gun laws were justified?

It’s an interesting catch 22 – If California did have very lax gun laws, then it’d be easier to hold off the zombies, but more survivors would murder with greater ease.  If it didn’t, then zombies would be more of a problem and people would be less likely to turn on themselves because of the danger of hand-to-hand combat.

I’m not trying to spark up a political debate, here.  I’m fairly ambivalent, politically, because of the exact thing mentioned above – Almost everyone is right in at least a few aspects, and WotLD explores it very quietly.  I like that.

I have big hopes for this game.


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