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Odd Dawn (The Starting Line)

Well, here it goes.  I finally started my own blog.  Took me long enough, eh?

So, a little about me.

I’m an unskilled youngster who’s just getting his feet wet in surviving in the Real World™, which the Sims does a very poor job of preparing you for.  I’m an avid gamer, I like reading, and I often dabble in creative pursuits.

For the most part, those creative adventures end up as an incomplete book on my hard drive, an attempt at learning to use Blender, the glances I’ve given at learning to use JavaScript, and pointless daydreaming.  Mostly pointless daydreaming, though.

Here’s what I’m thinking: If I start up this Blog, I’ll know that there’s something out there that I have to answer to, even if it’s just myself.  Who knows, maybe some day I’ll actually become what I want to?  That’s my goal, and having a blog and a need to have something to write about will help me get there.

So I’ll write about things that are important and interesting to me.  Generally I won’t bring up too much of what I don’t have something to add to, since I’d just bore myself writing about something that’s already been said.  I enjoy talking about things that get me going, explaining new perspectives and exploring things that I know enough about to have something to say about it.  About 99% (Add or subtract 1%) of what I’m going to say is opinion, to be taken worth a grain of salt, and I’m not too sure about what the rest will be.

I’m honest with myself and figure my opinion isn’t bound to shake the world or reel in thousands of interested readers, but I’m betting on just one thing: Of all the people with blogs out there, How many of them have opinions?

…On second thought, let’s not get too philosophical.

Here’s to something completely interesting. To me, at least.


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